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So How Can We Help You?​

So you rolled over in bed? Or you were in the garden pulling weeds? Or you feel asleep in the couch? Or maybe you moved something that was too heavy? AND Now You have a sore something – back, neck, shoulder, hip, or leg…? So why do you think that is? Age? Just moved funny? Or just nothing – you actually don’t know…what you have done and why you are sore?

This is very common, you have no time and are just getting on with it, with life, how you do it doesn’t matter, it just has to get done right? So you put up with your discomfort and pain and keep going.

How you are rushing through your day matters! You matter and so does how you move! Let us help you change your current normal of discomfort and pain and move forward to movement free from aches & pain!

After completing a comprehensive medical history, range of movement, orthopaedic and special testing we will come up with a clinical impression and treatment plan for YOUR muscular/ skeletal dysfunction or pain.

The start of the treatment plan could see some weekly treatments, so that we can start to change your normal (dysfunction or pain) to a new normal (relaxed, free of dysfunction or pain). These close together treatments will help your central nervous system be reprogrammed to accept your new normal.

During each treatment Rachael will be constantly checking on your comfort and discussing the techniques she will use.