Kinetic Link Training

Kinetic Link Training

What Is it?

KLT is a systematic approach to a biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training

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What Does It Involve

Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a systematic approach to a biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. Achieve fantastic physical performance results, plus great long-term health and wellbeing. Develop a strong, toned, energised body which moves with ease, efficiency and control.

All KLT exercises and workouts can be performed either at home or in a gym. You choose the exercise environment or training space that suits you best and is the most convenient.

Home training can be completed using resistance bands and dumbbells.

Kinetic adj : involving or producing movement

Link noun : a connection between things; i.e. a ring in a chain

Training verb : to prepare for activity and / or sport by performing physical exercise (and learning new motor skills)

Kinetic Link Training offers you a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced resistance training focussing on the performance of movement (with strength and control) rather than focussing on training individual muscles.

The system is comprehensive enough to deliver great training outcomes but simple enough to be performed by a vast spectrum of individuals – from rehab clients to us everyday & weekend athletes, to the elite athletes .

The Kinetic Link Training system explores upper body focused movement patterns, lower body focused movement patterns and very importantly the concept of full body integrated movement patterns, where distinct upper body and lower body patterns are performed simultaneously through an active and controlled core.