Pain Management Solutions

Pain Management Solutions

Pain management 2 v3

What Is It?

Science based evidence in the reduction of pain.


Movement Neurology. Dry
Needling. Cupping. Joint mobilisation. Exercise.

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What Does It Involve

Movement Neurology. Soft tissue mobilisation techniques. Photo biomodulation. Dry
Needling. Functional and Medical Cupping. Joint mobilisation. Exercise and Movement programming.

All of these techniques have science based evidence in the reduction of pain. And you have found someone that is qualified to use all of these techniques. Rachael Dixon.

So let’s say that you are in pain and the pain just started, you can’t really remember doing anything specific, your (pick a body part) just started to get sore. After a thorough assessment Rachael will talk through options that will fast track your pain management plan to give you pain free movement.

“The aim of my treatment process is to get you to the point where you no longer need treatment. Though in saying this I will always recommend an ongoing movement and exercise program.”