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Who Are We?

Rachael knows first hand what a busy and stressful lifestyle can do to the body both physically and emotionally. She will be able to relate to your daily pressures and actively assist in helping you improve your functional body movements with both Myotherapy and functional movement correction. Rachael employs many Myotherapy treatment techniques and is a strong believer of myofascial release and joint mobilisation techniques. Rachael uses myofascial dry needling, medical and functional cupping and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation). She will also guide you to improve your functional body movements through corrective exercise and stretching.

What Do We Do?

Rachael is big on educating her clients to better assist them in their daily active living. Knowledge is key, so she will endeavour to impart hers to you.

Rachael enjoys being outdoors and learning new ways to help her body function better. Exercise is a key part of Rachael’s life, though she has had some times that have been less active than she could have been (and paid the price!) she by the most part will exercise on a daily bases – stretching/yoga, walking and weights